Below you’ll find a price list along with instructions on how to purchase a license to install and use CPR6 at your institution.


The annual fee required for your institution to use CPR and to access the central assignment library is based on the highest degree offered by your institution and the number of students that will be using CPR.

Type of institution Annual number of students Annual license fee
Private, for profit company   Contact Arlene Russell, CPR Project Director (russell@chem.ucla.edu)
Single installation supporting multiple campuses   $8,500
Individual campus: PhD, DDS, or other professional advanced degree over 200 and more than two departments $5,500
  100-200 or two departments $3,750
  fewer than 100 or one department $2,250
Master's level: MA, MS, MEd, MFA over 200 $2,250
  100-200 $1,750
  fewer than 100 $1,250
Primarily undergraduate institution over 200 $1,250
  100-200 $1,000
  fewer than 100 $750
Community college over 100 $1,000
  100 or fewer $750

How to purchase a CPR6 license

Follow these steps to purchase a license to install and use CPR6 at your institution:

  1. Download the CPR6 End-User License Agreement.
  2. Fill out the required information in the Word file.
  3. E-mail the Word file to us at russell@chem.ucla.edu and cthompson@tdg.ucla.edu
    - or -
    Fax the form to us at 310-825-4795.
  4. Write to cpr@chem.ucla.edu to let us know that you’ve placed your order.

When your order is approved, we’ll send you a link to the CPR6 installer and setup guide by e-mail. The file you’ll have to download is about 10 MB in size.

For more information

If you’d like more information about purchasing a CPR6 license, please write to cpr@chem.ucla.edu.